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Mobile bandoneon application both for bandoneon players and beginners
Also who are in love with Tango and curious about this authentic instrument,
this app provide them a chance to experience what it feels like to play the bandoneon.

Original Layout

Right and Left Keyboard layout is exactly the same as real bandoneon for iPad version. For iPhone because of small screen it is bit smaller.

Easy to Learn

Bandoneon is very complicated music instrument and hard to learn. In this app colors with different octaves help learning.


Download from AppStore

iPad with iOS version 5.0+
Bandoneon Mini
iPhone and iPod with iOS version 5.0+
Download from iTunes
  • Visit AppStore from your mobile device or open iTunes on your computer.
  • Search for "Bandoneon". You will see the Bandoneon or Bandoneon Mini
    application for your device.
  • You can download from here.

Mobile Bandoneon Application for iPad, iPhone and iPod

This amazing Bandoneon application is both for players and beginners to practice without carrying their valuable instrument around.

The voice recorded for this application is originated from a Bandoneon from the 1930's. While you practice with this application you will both enjoy the sound and appreciate the Bandoneon players who dedicated their lives to Bandoneon



  • Switch between right hand (treble) and left hand (bass) keyboard layouts¬†
  • Bellow opening and closing button feature. Originally notes will change when open and close the bellow of the Bandoneon.
  • 142 Tones Rheinische TonLage starting from Piano's 2nd octave Do and 6th octave Si.
  • Showing and Hiding the note layouts for beginners who want to learn to play Bandoneon¬†
  • Vibrato Feature: You can vibrate the sound by pressing the notes and Vibrato button at the same time.¬†

Important Note:

Some people says we haven't hear any sound in this app. This is not correct, there is a sound and this app is playable. However in some iOS versions the sound button is moved another screen, so you may not notice that your system sound may be off. By solving this issue, we suggest you to check this Youtube video to get your sound on and play this bandoneon app. Check sound options video from here:


Application Screenshots:


How real Bandoneon can play?

If you are beginner and do not know about the Bandoneon keyboard system, please read this:

For a bandoneon there are two major keyboards located on the right and the left. There is a bellow connecting those keyboards at the middle. If you press the buttons on both keyboards, bellows will open and you will hear the related sound of those pressed buttons.

In Bandoneon you can control each notes separately and each buttons creates it's own sound. So if you need a chord, you have to press all notes separately. For La minor, you have to press La, Do and Mi. There is no a system creates a chord with pressing one button on Bandoneon.

Two Keyboards with 4 layouts:

Bandoneon has right and left keyboards, however there actually 4 keyboards. If you open the bellows, all the notes have changed on that keyboard. For example if you press C4 on the right keyboard when opening the bellows, it will change to D4 if you close the bellows. So on this application wou will see "Opening" and "Closing" buttons refers to the bellows position. It is set to Opening by default and refers to opening the bellows. If you press that button with notes buttons together, you will hear that sounds will change. If you also toggle on the "Show Notes" button, you can see how notes change when pressing the opening button on the bottom.



Support & Questions about Bandoneon App:

- I cannot hear the sound, is there a problem?

No, this app has tested by Apple Support Team. What you need is do the following steps:

Double-press the Home physical button located at the bottom middle part of the device (or use four-finger gesture). This will bring up the multitasking bar. It may be empty or with icons of recently used apps.
In any case sweep this bar with your finger from left to right.
Watch the speaker icon. If it is crossed with line tap it to set speaker ON. Move the slider at the right half of multitasking bar to set the sound volume.

- Some notes cannot play when I press on them

All buttons can play sound, however you have to press exactly on them, if you press near the buttons you may not hear the sound of the related notes. In real bandoneon you have to press on to the buttons, this is the same as real bandoneon.

- What are those colors on buttons?

If you press the "Show Notes" button, you will see the colors on the notes and some letters also. The same colors show the same octave. Letters shows the notes from Piano octaves from second Do (C2) to sixth Si (B6)

- Do you support mobile devices other than iOS?

Currently we do not support Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. We are planning to develop Android version of Bandoneon.

Contact: info [ at ]